25 September 2011

spm is near T.T'

omg..can you guys believe it??
spm is near..
i was like..
im so nervous and depressed and everything..
lol..i hope i could study well..
final pra exam is also near..
goshhhhh.what to do?? :(

p/s:quick update

31 May 2011

quick update ^^

me now in china looo..--' i hope i could have funn..not gonna online for a while..sorry guysss ^^

22 May 2011

oh my god!!!!thank you wajie :O

gosh!!!!!look at my blog people!!!!like it?well,i love it!!!i just cant believe she would do this to me...its ah-mai-zing!!!!!!gosh!!!thanks to wajie for the superb new look on my blog ^^ god bless you ni..hehehehe..
want your blog to look like mine too?add her on fb..and dont forget to inbox her your email and password.dont worry,she's not a hacker.i guess.hahahaha
see..isnt she adorable and cute??hihihi^^ 

thanks again to wajie for making my dream come true.everything is in pink..like im in a pink heaven.lmaoo..oh yeah,i buy those header for rm5..thanks okey??its worth to buy..
this is my conversation with her ^^ :

 she's nice isnt she??well,i dont know why she delete her profile picture.depressed maybe???i guess so...even her profile status is depressing..
dear wajie,dont be too sad okey??smile :)
i hate to see you sad..dont be sad okey????? ^^
you're pretty..cute and gorgeous!!!lmao..have a bless day okey?? ^^

well,thats all for now..
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